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Think for a moment, the unfortunate people from mexico risking everything including their lives to enter the U.S.

Unfortunately, this entire problem is caused by the Mexican government, which doesn’t exist.

I propose two solutions for the U.S. to consider seriously:

  1. Offer to buy Mexico to satisfy the corrupt government and make Mexico part of the U.S.
  2. If they refuse the buyout, invade Mexico and make it part of the U.S.

In either of these proposals, we no longer will need borders and everyone is free to travel wherever they please. Within 6 months everyone will settle in their desired place and we will no longer have illegals.

Our government doesn’t have a concrete immediate solution for the illegals.

In my opinion, once they risk their lives and make it over the border, we have no business to round them up and send them back. Our border control was negligent in allowing them to come here in the first place. We are committed all over the world, but we cannot solve our close neighbor’s problems.